Ultimate Hoop Starter Pack

Ultimate Hoop Starter Pack

Choose a color scheme for your hoop package. If you want to be more specific, leave a note with your order!

Choose the general sizes of your hoop pack. Small for children/small build adults, Medium for your average adult or teen, and Large for larger or less coordinated adults.

This is the ULTIMATE hoop starter pack! Perfect for someone just getting into hooping who isn't quite sure of what they want yet - this will make it easy for you! The set includes two full sized hoops and one set of mini hoops!

The Starter Pack Includes -

  • One Large Practice Hoop - Push Button Collapsible (coils down for travel), Made of 7/8" HDPE - Perfect for learning! Taped with a beautiful design of grip tape, and sanded.
  • One medium/Intermediate sized Fully Taped Performance Hoop - A smaller hoop, completely covered in deco tape. Great for practicing off-body tricks initially, and for when you want to size down! Made with 3/4" Polypro - a great intermediate tubing! Also push button collapsible for travel.
  • A pair of beginner mini hoops made with 5/8" Colored Polypro tubing. Single Rivet. With inner grip tape. These larger sized minis are great for starting out with doubles! Perfect for learning basic waves and double isolations.

When you order, choose a color scheme for your hoops! If you would like anything to be more specific (Like you want your mini hoops to be a certain color of polypro, or are very fond of a certain tape,) let me know! You can easily add any notes/details in the comments section when you place your order :D

You will also want to choose sizes. Again, if you want anything specific that isn't included in the pack, just leave it in a note to me with your order! The small pack is best for children, teens, or small/athletically built adults. The Medium pack is great for your average sized adult. The Large starter pack is perfect for tall or large adults or people who just want a little more wiggle room in their hoops!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your customer order to be completed and an additional 1-3 business days for shipping and delivery. Please wait two full weeks after placing your order before inquiring about an estimated shipping date! Your order will read as either ‘Payment Received’ or ‘Processing’ while it is being completed and will read as ‘Completed’ the day that it ships. Hoops will ship partially or fully coiled (based on diameter) and will come with instructions for reconnection.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this listing, your order, or anything in general!