Natural HDPE Practice Hoops

HDPE Practice Hoop
Natural HDPE Practice Hoops

Friction fit connector (smaller tubing inside of your hoop - can come apart occasionally), Single Rivet (rivet on one side, can coil down), or push button collapsible (never comes apart when you don't want it to).

Choose the Inner Diameter of the hoop. I recommend 29" or smaller for 1/2" tubing, 33" or smaller for 5/8" tubing, 30"-36" for 3/4" tubing, and 35"-39" for 7/8" tubing.

Choose none, sanded (only on bare hoops), 1/4" or 1/2" colored gaffer, or 1/4" or 1/2" clear grip tape

Choose the diameter of HDPE tubing you want for your hoop. 5/8" is good for hoops smaller than 33"ID, 3/4" is good for anything between 30"ID and 37"ID, 7/8" is best for hoops above 36"ID

This listing is for custom size natural HDPE hoops, available bare, sanded, or with up to 3 layers of gaffer tape.

The natural HDPE is white and has more give than the polypro (more forgiving when it comes to breaks, etc.). Its great for a more graceful or slower flow and on body hooping. It is slightly heavier, but not very noticeably. I suggest 5/8" tubing for hoops between 27 ID and 33 ID, 3/4" tubing for 29-36 ID, and 7/8" HDPE for hoops over 36". Message me or check out the 'Hoop FAQ' page before ordering if you are having difficulty choosing a tubing! Please keep in mind when ordering that if you want 5/8" tubing, do not choose a diameter over 33"ID! In larger diameters, the hoops become floppy and difficult to use.

Send me a message with your order if you would like more than one layer of gaffer and what kind of design you would like on your hoop (ex. criss crossed, side by side, evenly spaced, etc.)

The hoops will come coiled with instructions for reconnection and come standard with a friction fit connection.

Happy hooping!