Full Size Double Practice Hoops - Double Deal

Double-Deal bare hoops
Full Size Double Practice Hoops - Double Deal

Choose the Inner Diameter of the hoop. I recommend 29" or smaller for 1/2" tubing, 33" or smaller for 5/8" tubing, 30"-36" for 3/4" tubing, and 35"-39" for 7/8" tubing.

Choose none, sanded (only on bare hoops), 1/4" or 1/2" colored gaffer, or 1/4" or 1/2" clear grip tape

Choose what type of tubing you want your hoop to be. HDPE is more flexible and forgiving, while Polypro is a harder, lighter tubing that reacts quickly to movements.

This listing is for custom sized HDPE or Polypro double hoops!

When you order, please let me know what kind of finish you'd like on the hoop (bare, lightly sanded, or with 1, 2, or 3 layers of gaff. Send me a message with your order if you would like more than one layer of gaffer and what kind of design you would like on your hoop (ex. criss crossed, side by side, evenly spaced, etc.) -

The HDPE has more give than the Polypro (the Polypro has a stiffer quality). But Polypro is wonderful for a faster flow that needs a faster reaction time. I suggest 1/2" tubing for hoops smaller than 29", 5/8" tubing for hoops between 27 ID and 33 ID, 3/4" tubing for 30-35 ID, and 7/8" HDPE for hoops over 35". Message me before ordering if you are having difficulty choosing a tubing! Please keep in mind when ordering that if you want 5/8" tubing, do not choose a diameter over 33"ID! In larger diameters, the hoops become floppy and difficult to use.

The hoops will come partially coiled with instructions for reconnection and extra tape.
Happy hooping!

want to see these hoops in action? http://youtu.be/E3aT6nX92ZM